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Home Technology Solutions, Inc.
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Classic Guardian

Home Guardian

Active Guardian

Product Descriptions

Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian provides proven in-home personal safety using your home’s landline. Offers 1,300 ft. of protection—the largest range available on the market today!

Home Guardian

Our Home Guardian provides guaranteed in-home personal safety, no landline required! This unit is Fall Detection capable.

Active Guardian

The Active Guardian is GPS-enabled and portable, provides around the clock personal safety both at home AND on-the-go!

MedReady Dispenser

Our MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser, available with GSM cellular compliance monitoring, has a timed alarm system that provides your next dosage immediately. It also holds up to 7 days of 4-times a day dosing and you can receive compliance notifications via email, text and/or automated phone calls.

  • Large 1/2″ LED displays the time and aides setting alarms.
  • Medication regimen can dose up to four times per day
  • MedReady holds 28 doses of dry medication such as pills or capsules.
  • Only the most recent medication dose is available. Pill tray rotates to the next dose when the next audible alarm sounds. If a patient misses a dose, the pill dispenser denies access to the missed dose.
  • Compartment divisions keep medication in place even if the unit is turned upside down.
  • An AC power cord provides continual power supply. Also includes a 48-hour rechargeable battery back-up for travel or power failures.
  • Early dosage feature allows removal of medication prior to scheduled times.

Lock Box

This lock box can be secured to a porch railing or other object on the exterior of your home. The monitoring center can provide dispatch with the lock box location and code you provide so they can quickly access your house without the need for forced entry.


How Our Service Works

The subscriber wears a waterproof personal help button on a neck cord or wristband, whichever they prefer. When they need help, they push the button which sends a signal to the base station which dials the Medical Monitoring Center. The emergency call operators will talk through the base station to the subscriber, ask what help they can provide and do as the subscriber requests. If there is no voice response with the emergency call operator, a phone call will be made to the subscriber’s home. If the telephone is NOT answered, the Responders (family member, friend or neighbor) will be contacted. If none of the responders provided by the subscriber is available to provide assistance, the emergency services will be dispatched to the home.

Key Features of Medical Guardian Systems

When you press your Help Button in range of a Communicator, the Communicator dials our Response Center.

Quick Dialing

Provides rapid access to help through our U.S.-based Monitoring Center 24/7.

Sensitive Speaker

Our 60 decibel base station speaker provides clear two-way communication and enables our Monitoring Center to hear you from almost anywhere in your home.

Easy Installation

Whether you come to the HTS office to learn how to install your system at no charge, or use our professional installers for a fee, installation of your Medical Guardian system is a simple and quick.

Power Outage Protection

Up to 32 hours of battery backup ensures you have access to help even during power outages.

Resource Documents

In addition to the personal emergency response system that HTS offers, we feel it is important that you and your family have as many resources as possible to aid independent living. Below is a list of useful resources that you can can download and use to help have a safe and fulfilling life.

Auto Alert Facts

Fear of Falling

Home Safety


Is your service just for the elderly?

No. We provide the service to the disabled, physical therapy patients, people with medical conditions such as heart problems, CHF, and diabetes, and persons recuperating from surgery.

What happens if I send a help call and the Response Center can't hear me?

If the HTS Personal Response Associate doesn’t hear you through the highly sensitive microphone or if you cannot speak, HTS will call your home phone. If the phone is not answered, we will begin calling your responders.

What if I move to a different home or apartment?

Please let us know prior to moving and we will work with you to make the change.

What if I spend part of the year in another home?

We can do this too! Just call the HTS office to make arrangements.

Can HTS be used with my internet service?

Most likely, but please discuss your Internet and phone service providers with HTS staff members at the time of inquiry to ensure correct equipment for your home.

Who is involved in installing the HTS devices?

A member of the Home Technology Solutions, Inc. team will come to the home and install the equipment.  Our highly skilled installers have decades of experience between them, which allows them to ensure your comfort and knowledge of the HTS service before leaving your home.  They will install the HTS communicator, perform a range test in your home and around the perimeter, and will test your button with you to ensure your familiarity with the Response Center.

Do you offer assistance to those who cannot afford your service?

Yes. The service may be covered by the Medicaid Waiver for those who are approved by their caseworker.  Currently, Medicare does not cover the cost of the service.  Some Long Term Care insurance policies may cover the service.  Funds may be available for those who qualify for Home Technology Solutions, Inc. donor-supported Indigent Subscriber Fund.

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