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Home Technology Solutions, Inc.
149 S. Ridge Rd. Wichita, KS

Help is just a button push away!

Home Technology Solutions, Inc. provides Personal Emergency Response Services that allow people to remain in their home with the peace of mind that help is only a button push away. Subscribers are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The subscriber wears a waterproof personal help device on a neck cord or wristband, whichever they prefer. When they need help, they push the device which sends a signal to the base station which then dials the Medical Monitoring Center. The emergency call operators will talk through the base station to the subscriber, ask what help they can provide and do as the subscriber requests. If there is no voice response with the emergency call operator, a phone call will be made to the subscriber’s home.

If the telephone is NOT answered, the subscriber’s natural support system of family, friends, neighbors will be contacted. Our service can send someone to the subscriber’s home within minutes. If the situation is more serious, emergency services are dispatched directly to the home.

Our Value

Easy To Use

Our system & technologies are some of the easiest to use and understand. HTS provides professional setup and installation. Our system is simple & straightforward.


Using one’s natural support system of family, friends, neighbors, our service can send someone to the subscriber’s home within minutes for immediate assistance.

Safe & Secure

Our service helps you live a safe and independent life. Caregivers and loved ones have the peace of mind of knowing help is available to you when they are not with you in your home.


Confidence and reliability are what you deserve when caring for an elderly loved one, qualities that can be found with the services provided by Home Technology Solutions, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service just for the elderly? 

No. We provide the service to the disabled, physical therapy patients, people with medical conditions such as heart problems, CHF, diabetes and persons recuperating from surgery.

What happens if I send a help call and the Monitoring Center can’t hear me? 

If the HTS Personal Response Associate doesn’t hear you through the highly sensitive microphone or if you cannot speak, HTS will call your home phone. If the phone is not answered, we will begin calling your responders.

What if I move to a different home or apartment? 

Please let us know prior to moving and we will work with you to make the change.

What if I spend part of the year in another home? 

We can do this too! Just call the HTS office to make arrangements.

Can HTS be used with my internet service? 

Most likely, but please discuss your internet and phone service providers with HTS staff members at the time of inquiry to ensure correct equipment for your home.

Who is involved in installing the HTS devices? 

A member of the Home Technology Solutions, Inc. team will come to the home and install the equipment.  Our highly skilled installers have decades of experience between them, which allows them to ensure your comfort and knowledge of the HTS service before leaving your home.  They will install the HTS communicator, perform a range test in your home and around the perimeter, and will test your device with you to ensure your familiarity with the Monitoring Center.

Do you offer assistance to those who cannot afford your service? 

Yes. The service may be covered by the Medicaid Waiver for those who are approved by their caseworker.  Currently, Medicare does not cover the cost of the service.  Some Long Term Care insurance policies may cover the service.  Funds may be available for those who qualify for Home Technology Solutions, Inc. donor-supported Indigent Subscriber Fund.

What Our Subscribers Say

“I lost my balance and fell face first down the two stairs going from the house into the garage. I laid on the garage floor for 20 minutes before I was able to crawl over to the stairs and get myself back up and into the house. The very next week my daughter and I went to Home Technology Solutions and got me set up with a medical alert device that has fall detection in it. My children and I now feel confident knowing if I fall again or need help at home, my device will get help to me ASAP.”


“We have only used and needed the device twice, and the calling system worked very well. We’re thankful we have it!”


“I currently have a medical alert device from Home Technology Solutions Inc. I was asked to test my device monthly. When I do test it, the response people who answer my calls are kind, friendly and always answer very promptly. If I do need help, I know my device will work just as the Home Technology Solutions staff said it would. I am extremely satisfied with my device from Home Technology Solutions Inc.”


Let us help with your Freedom, Independence and Peace of Mind today!

For Contactless Enrollment Call Us at 316-265-1700 or to Enroll Online click here!

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