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Classic Guardian

The Classic Guardian provides proven in-home personal safety using your home’s landline.

Classic Guardian offers 1,300 ft. of protection—the largest range available on the market today!

Home Guardian

Our Home Guardian provides guaranteed in-home personal safety, no landline required!

This unit is Fall Detection capable.


The MiniLite is one of the smallest and lightest Personal Emergency Response Systems available on the market today.

  • Water-resistant and shower safe design
  • Loud & clear 2-way voice communication through an advanced digital speaker
  • 7-day battery life recharge cycle
  • Fall detection capabilities and cancellation feature
  • No cell phone required
  • Automated visual and audible recharge reminders
Mini Guardian

Rest assured knowing Mini Guardian’s easy-press Help Button, crystal clear sound and multilingual operating team provide accessible help when needed.

MedReady Dispenser

Our MedReady Automated Medication Dispenser, available with GSM cellular compliance monitoring,

has a timed alarm system that provides your next dosage immediately.

It also holds up to 7 days of 4-times a day dosing and

you can receive compliance notifications via email, text and/or automated phone calls.

  • Large 1/2″ LED displays the time and aides setting alarms.
  • Medication regimen can dose up to four times per day
  • MedReady holds 28 doses of dry medication such as pills or capsules.
  • Only the most recent medication dose is available. Pill tray rotates to the next dose when the next audible alarm sounds. If a patient misses a dose, the pill dispenser denies access to the missed dose.
  • Compartment divisions keep medication in place even if the unit is turned upside down.
  • An AC power cord provides continual power supply. Also includes a 48-hour rechargeable battery back-up for travel or power failures.
  • Early dosage feature allows removal of medication prior to scheduled times.
Lock Box

This lock box can be secured to a porch railing or other object on the exterior of your home.

The monitoring center can provide dispatch with the lock box location and code you provide

so they can quickly access your house without the need for forced entry.

Key Features of Medical Guardian Systems

Quick Dialing

Provides rapid access to help through our U.S.-based Monitoring Center 24/7.

Sensitive Speaker

Our 60 decibel base station speaker provides clear two-way communication and enables our Monitoring Center to hear you from almost anywhere in your home.

Easy Installation

Whether you come to the HTS office to learn how to install your system at no charge, or use our professional installers for a fee, installation of your Medical Guardian system is simple and quick.

Power Outage Protection

Up to 32 hours of battery backup ensures you have access to help even during power outages.

Let us help with your Freedom, Independence and Peace of Mind today!

For Contactless Enrollment Call Us at 316-265-1700 or to Enroll Online click here!

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